Women Group in Shahgund-Bandipora Manufacturing Sanitary Pads

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Srinagar, 21 March (CNI): A women’s group comprising eleven members from a very far and remote village “Shahgund” in Bandipora district got a unique idea and start production of Sanitary Napkins to earn their livelihood and help the rural women in improving their health.

According to Current News of India (CNI), the Group ‘Rahat Health and Wellbeing’ says that in the villages and far-flung areas, the women lack the knowledge of health and hygiene which leads them to a lot of diseases and health issues and we decided to give the information and knowledge regarding the hygiene not only the information but we also provide the sanitary products to our women population as well in our local village Shahgund, Our vision is to reach every village out there in Kashmir to enhance the health and hygiene of our woman masses.

Keep these things in mind, with the formation of a self Help Group and support of the ‘JKRLM UMEED’ scheme, we did continue research in our surroundings and at last, we found that we need to do something vehement to provide information and benefits of using Sanitary pads in common masses with that we can earn our livelihoods also.

The problem which we realised during our survey and research is that most of the women usually our mothers don’t know the use of sanitary napkins as they have been using the clothes or fabrics instead which in turn creates a number of health problems.

A woman should be provided with basic knowledge and information about the things which are important for her but we lack these things in our society. Who is responsible we all, we should empower our women with knowledge, and wisdom and support them to avail their life in a better way” a member of added to CNI.

We must admire these kinda women who often try to do something fruitful for our community, there are so many who do offer their calibre, but because of socio, cultural and economic barricades, we’d remove the shackles of this mental slavery and emancipate them. (CNI)

Reported By Ashiq Tilgami

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